"Coupon Clipper was 25-30% directly responsible for keeping us on budget."
- Jeremy Logel, Elmira Golf Club
"In the first 30 days, we had 600 coupons . . . the response was very good."
- Theo Papadopoulos, Jack's Family Restaurant
"Coupon Clipper has worked great for us. We are very pleased with the results . . . satisfied client for over 18 years."
- Eric Hussey, Caz's Great Fish
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- Trevor Ottley, Ren's Pet Depot
"Close to half the business we receive is due to the Coupon Clipper."
- Sandra D'Arsie, Let's Dance
"The ad pulled well over a 12 week period ... very surprised by the quality of the leads."
- Jack Odorico, Superior Steel Roofing Systems
"The day the Coupon Clipper went out, we went from an empty store to a line-up to the door!"
- Derek Williamson, Marble Slab Creamery 
"An effective way for us to gather new customers. The effectiveness of the coupons lasted throughout the entire life of the coupon."
- Brad Swanson, Swanson's Home Building Centre
"Coupon Clipper has been excellent... the quality of customer has been equal to the high end glossy mags..."
- Delby Saulnier, Kitchen Revival
"Coupon Clipper was effective in bringing back stagnant customers!"
- Marcy Nagel, Fusion Movement Yoga Studio
"Every 3 month period I receive at least 50 jobs. Many people tell me they saw me in the Coupon Clipper."
- Charlie Baumbach, Budget Plumbing
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- Roger Fowler, Fowler Tire
"Coupon Clipper totally out-performed other books we have used."
- Kathi Koch, Pine Hollow Stables
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- Shaun Tully, Aquascapes Recreational Contractors
"...an excellent tool to have clients come through the door and also convert clients to use different services."
- Jenny DeCicco, Gina's Spa
"1122 coupons in first six weeks. Even after previous ads we are glad we chose the cover."
- Rob Rebelo, Swiss Chalet, Cambridge